Many clients have sent us testimonials about the positive effects they have seen from the regular use of The Circulator foot massage mat. Here are a few examples.

"You truly are an answer to my prayer. I am 73 and have terrible circulation in my legs. Recently I bumped my shin and got a huge blister which ulcerated. I am getting wonderful care, but this mat that my neighbor loaned me has been doing wonders for my whole body. I can’t believe how great I feel. Thank you so much. Most sincerely, Mary Graham"

"For a number of years I suffered a great deal with my feet and was unable to get relief. Then I was given an F. M. Circulator® as a gift and received immediate relief to my feet from the few minutes of standing on the mat. Standing on the F. M. Circulator® while showering each morning helps improve my blood circulation. I have an invigorating feeling as blood surges through my body. I owe my total well being feeling to my F. M. Circulator® and I highly recommend it. Lynn Silverman"

"I tried the F. M. Circulator® immediately after a 1-1/2 hour workout. I found it so relaxing I had another eight people in my class also try it. The comments I received ranged from, 'It stopped my backache' to 'Boy, now I’m relaxed.' I believe also that you don’t have to have a workout to appreciate its stress relieving quality. It would certainly be ideal after a day of sitting behind a desk or after an afternoon of shopping to relieve the stress. Certainly anyone who jogs or puts strain on their back or legs during a tennis or squash game should try it. I would recommend it either in a home or a gym. Bill Campbell, Fitness Instructor"