for The Circulator foot massage mat

The table below provides a summary of the price of the foot massage mat(s) delivered to your address.

Place of residence

Currency Price per mat

Handling and Shipping

First mat Each additional mat


CDN$ 39.95 14.95 2.95


US$ 39.95 17.95 2.95
United Kingdom 35.00 1.90
Euro Europe 35.00 14.95 2.40
Australia AUD 45.00 14.95 2.90
Japan ¥ 3180. 1030. 235.

General International

US$ 39.95 12.95 2.95

*Ontario residents pay HST.

Orders to Canada and the USA are sent by Expedited mail. Other international orders are sent by surface mail and delivery might take several weeks, the exact time depending on your location.

If you wish your order to be sent by some other means, please contact us. If you wish to place an order for The Circulator foot massage mat, please go to our order page. You can use the calculator below to find the cost of an order. Please enter the number of mats, select your location, then click the "Calculate Total Cost" bar.

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